Not everyone likes to write. But I do. If you need clear, concise copy for your website, app interface, user guides, tutorials, or blog posts,
I’m here to make your life easier.

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About Me

My background in writing has been a balance of keeping things creative in a technical world.

I’ve written for software companies, hardware companies, and startup communities for more than 14 years.

I started with old school Word doc user guides and worked my way up to interactive in-app tutorials and interface copy for complex systems.

I use clear and concise words with a conversational tone instead of long-winded, jargon-filled fluff to keep readers focused and engaged.

I’ve written for the everyday end user, the more technical designer, and the security-focused administrator while keeping a common voice throughout.

For more specifics on my previous jobs, please visit my LinkedIn account.

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Conference Talks

Pendomonium, Raleigh 2019

Clear and Concise for the Win: Best Practices for Writing In-App Guide Copy

You probably have a lot to say and a lot you want your users to know, but most users would rather do – not read, so you don’t want to burden them with heavy or complex copy in your guides.

In this session, I’ll talk about the best practices I follow when writing copy for our Pendo Guides. You’ll learn what’s worth saying in the first step, how to make each step flow to the next, and overall how to tell your users more with less.

We’ll focus on copy for tutorials, but the same ideas can span across all your Pendo Guides and your own writing in general.


Write the docs, Portland 2019

Tutorials, Tooltips, and Popups…oh MY! How to ease yourself and your users into in-app messaging.

It can be subtle, like the gift icon in Slack that tells you there’s a new feature or the walkthrough Gmail tried to get you to do when they switched you over to their new look.

It’s in-app messaging, and it can be a great way to supplement your help articles, release notes, and instructional docs. It’s a way to have a conversation with your users, help them out when they need it first, and tell them what you want them to know.

I’ll talk about how to introduce in-app messaging to your product in a way that’s methodical for your sake and enjoyable for your users.



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Guest Blogs

In addition to writing for Raven Writing, I also guest-blog on Built In Colorado – a community of innovators, makers, founders & creatives from Colorado – and European Skin Care by Natalia – a company website for a professional esthetician.

For my tech company blog posts, see below.

For my skin care blog posts, click here.

How Rivet Software stayed true to its vision throughout hardship

Story of a Company’s Struggle to Sustain

“No other startup has endured a business journey quite like Rivet Software. In 2003, Mike Rohan founded Rivet Software in Denver, ready to change the world of financial reporting. He wanted to build innovative software that simplified the integration of reporting tools into accounting systems. His solution, however, turned into an entrepreneurial journey full of struggle and despair, making faith in his vision both imperative and empowering . . .”

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With high-tech renovations, these rustic Boulder and Denver buildings are attracting startups

Article on the Adaptive Reuse Trend Going on in Colorado

“As we push further into the 21st century, one thing seems to gain importance while getting harder to come by:  space. A good office space can make or break your ability to get work done. And in a world where we’re always running out of it, startup companies find themselves at a loss where money’s always tight and options are running out. Enter the adaptive reuse trend . . .”

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CEO & Google Placement: Boost business with Google Business View

Article on a Growing Google Trend for Businesses

“Two years ago, Google Business View came to Colorado. The tool, created by Google in 2010, allows photographers to use Google Maps technology to take high quality photos of office space. With a 360-degree panoramic image of an office, users can virtually walk through it just as they would with Google Street View . . .”

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How Denver’s QwikCart turned a rainy day idea into a visionary mobile commerce company

Company Profile Writeup for QwikCart

“As the story goes, it was a rainy afternoon back in 2010, and Chris Poelma was getting frustrated outside the grocery store. He was currently working as CTO of Microsoft’s Operator Channel, so any free moment he had on the weekend, he cherished. Yet here he was waiting for rain to calm down so he could grab a few things only to find the product he needed was out of stock. He realized then something needed to change. There was a problem to be solved, and he was the market . . .”

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CSU Ventures launched 8 startups last year, bringing collegiate innovation to market

Summary of CSU Venture’s 2013 Accomplishments

“Last year, Fort Collins non-profit CSU Ventures helped Colorado State University researchers and professors launch eight startup companies, license 31 inventions to Colorado companies and file 148 patents for intellectual property stemming from CSU research.

CSU Ventures serves as the technology transfer and commercialization agent for the university . . .”

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Square 1 Bank sells 3.1 million shares in IPO

Time-sensitive Piece on Square 1 Bank’s Opening Day

“For the past two weeks Square 1 Bank, the Durham, North Carolina-based bank for entrepreneurs with a strong Colorado tech presence, has exhibited a strong debut on the stock market.

On March 27 Square 1, which, in Colorado, is led by founder and managing director Ken Fugate, officially went public on NASDAQ . . .”

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MassRoots – a social app for cannabis users – gains $475K in follow-up funding

Article on Seed Funding and the Impact on a Growing Company

“Whether you enjoy pot or not, there’s no denying the marijuana industry is proving to be lucrative. After Colorado legalized recreational cannabis, the state brought in more than $3.5 million in tax revenue from pot sales in the first month. For private companies in the same industry, this means great things, especially for the Denver-based software company MassRoots, Inc. . . .”

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Top 12 growth hacking tips according to Techstars’ DigitalOcean

Summary of a Growth Hacking Presentation Geared Toward Startup Companies

“Mitch Wainer, CMO and co-founder of cloud hosting company DigitalOcean, knows a thing or two about growth hacking. Launched in 2012 through TechStars Boulder, DigitalOcean skyrocketed from a mere 100 web-facing computers to 7,000 in the span of six months (December 2012 to June 2013). Obviously, the team has some growth hacking tricks up their sleeves, a few of which they shared at a TechStars event recently . . .”

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9 tips to get your lean startup going with SEO

Summary of an SEO Presentation Geared Toward Beginners

“For business owners getting your name on the top of the search result list keeps getting more complicated. It’s no longer just about paying big bucks to get a full page ad. Now it’s all about the SEO. Nearly 60% of the time, consumers first click one of the top three results.

It’s a fickle and sometimes perplexing process, but worthy none the less. Here are some tips to get you started, especially if you’re on a lean budget as so many startups are . . .”

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