Whose App Can Tell You Where Your Writing is Weak

Ernest Hemingway's. That's right - Hemingway. Well, actually it's an app created by Adam and Ben Long (both brothers and writers), but it's called Hemingway App. It's a quick and easy way to see where your writing needs work. If you read my post a couple months ago on How to Lighten Up Your Writing, you remember … Continue reading Whose App Can Tell You Where Your Writing is Weak

Where to Go for Grammar Answers

Even though your website will launch in a few hours, you still find yourself making edits to the About Me page. The content looks good enough and hell it should be since it’s what you know the most about, but you’re not sure if you used “accept” right or if you should capitalize “account manager” … Continue reading Where to Go for Grammar Answers

Who to Keep in Mind When Writing

Short Answer: Your Audience Better Answer: Everyone If you ever took a course on writing, you know to define your audience beforehand and keep them in mind when writing. Questions like “Are they existing customers or potential clients?”, “Do they know their way around the product?”, and “Are you convincing them of something or providing … Continue reading Who to Keep in Mind When Writing

How to Lighten Up Your Writing

In a world of taglines, Cliff Notes, and Adderall, it’s no surprise the attention span of readers is dwindling [1]. So when creating content for your website or business documents, rather than mimic the style of Jane Eyre, keep your writing light. Sounds simple, but if you grew up like me with teachers requiring minimum page lengths, it … Continue reading How to Lighten Up Your Writing

Why Your Wiki Needs a Wrangler

Back in the early 2000s (so let’s say a decade ago), the wiki trend emerged (think Wikipedia). Companies created wiki sites left and right, either internally for employees or externally for customers. And why not? It worked as a resource for everyone. People could collaborate and make changes to the content in a matter of … Continue reading Why Your Wiki Needs a Wrangler

This site is a home for Raven Writing, LLC - a professional writing business. I specialize in customer-facing documentation such as web content, blog posts, user manuals, and promotional guides. The blog posts below tell you how to make business writing work for you and your customers. I use the same tactics when writing for clients. If you like what you see, … Continue reading