Recent Projects

Below is a list of recent projects I’ve completed with samples of my work.

Website Content
Website Design
System Features Guide
Editable Forms
Company Logos

Chauffeur Company’s Website Content

Bovexs is a limousine and hybrid sedan chauffeur service serving all major cities in the US.

Bovexs Website

I created clean, thorough, and persuasive content for their Washington, DC area website.

You can see screenshots of the final website here: Bovexs Website Content

Construction Company’s Website Content and Design

Ryken CC is a commercial construction company headquartered in Northern Virginia. Their renovations and build-outs appear up and down the eastern shore board.

Ryken CC Website

Using a template they already had in place, I created the design for each webpage and wrote the content that appears in it.

You can see screenshots of the final website here: Ryken CC’s Website Content

Skin Care Professional’s Website Content

European Skin Care by Natalia is a privately-owned skin care and spa treatment facility in Alexandria, VA.

European Skin Care Website

I reworked the content on their website to include more keywords for search-ability and embody the relaxing atmosphere they provide to customers.

You can see screenshots of the final website here: Skin Care Professional’s Website Content

System Features and Highlights Guide

Red Point Positioning is a hardware/software company based in Boulder, CO. They developed a real-time location services (RTLS) system with high accuracy and configurability for asset tracking and position navigation.

Red Point Positioning Website

I created their System Features and Highlights Guide from scratch.

The company hands this 8-page document out to potential investors and buyers when performing demos and presentations so the guests have an overview of the product to take with them.

You can see a few pages of the final PDF here: RTLS System Features and Highlights Guide

BPM User Interface Tutorial

Appian is a business process management software company that offered a “write once, “deploy anywhere” user interface expression language that users could use to configure the look and feel of their management software.

Appian SAIL Datasheet

I wrote a tutorial that walked them through creating an interface.

Existing customers rely on this tutorial to understand the expression language so they could code their interfaces while Appian worked on an easy-to-user interface designer.

You can see the Wiki page here: Appian SAIL Interface Tutorial

Business Brokers Editable PDF Form

Horizon Business Brokers is a full service business brokerage firm out of Northern Virginia facilitating corporate mergers & acquisitions and connecting buyers with sellers of businesses nationwide.

Horizon BB Website

I took their PDF packet for potential customers, cleaned up the wording, made it editable in Adobe Reader, added email and e-sign functionality, and added an introduction page.

Filling out these forms is one of the first steps potential customers must take. It needs to be easy for the everyday person to fill out and thorough enough for the company to get the information they need.

You can see the final product here: Horizon PDF Package

BPM Software Wiki Cleanup

Appian is an award-winning BPM software company out of Reston, VA specializing in mobile, cloud, and social innovations to make companies more productive. They deliver documentation to their users through a wiki site maintained by the company.

Appian Website

I did an inventory of the 900 or so pages on their wiki and created a spreadsheet with a report of my findings.

The inventory spreadsheet grouped the pages by those they could condense into other pages, those they could delete, and those they could deprecate with the next release.

The report discussed why I thought certain pages could be deleted and why I thought certain pages should be grouped together into topic pages. I also included the level of effort it would take to condense each group of pages and tips on how I would structure the new topic pages.

Based on my findings, they could condense their 900 pages down to under 300, making their site more user-friendly and easier to maintain.

Construction Company Logo

Ryken is a construction company based out of Haymarket, VA. They are expanding off their development company and were looking for a universal logo for letterheads, banners, and site materials.

I created a new font for their company logo.

After scouring all the fonts available on the web, they decided none would do and needed something simple with a surf and snowboard feel without losing the professional demeanor.

We decided on this for their letterheads:


The below logo was their favorite; however, it was too much ink for printed proposals and invoices. They plan on using the “R” as a logo for company shirts and hats.

Wishlist Logo


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